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Toyota plans $1.2bn EV plant in China

BEIJING: The Japanese automaker Toyota plans to build a new electric vehicle plant worth $1.2 billion in the Chinese city of Tianjin with its local partner FAW Group, a document from the local authorities shows. Source: Business

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Innovators arrive in Bangkok

Innovators from around the world are arriving in Thailand this weekend for the Ispim Connects Bangkok 2020 conference that opens on Sunday and runs until Wednesday. Source: Business

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Crisis has markets pleading for stability support

A panic-selling spree ignited by mounting coronavirus infections across the globe caused another free fall for Thailand’s stock market, prompting consultants to urge the Finance Ministry to rethink expired tax deduction privileges for long-term equity funds (LTFs) and help stabilise market conditions. Source: Business

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Don't catch the falling knife

The steep declines this week in equity prices and bond yields, both domestic and international, reflect fears that coronavirus cases outside China will mark the start of a wider outbreak that will deal a blow to the global and Thai economy, resulting in a downgrade of the SET. Source: Business

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