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BoT optimistic 4% growth obtainable

The Bank of Thailand has painted a rosy picture of the country’s economy, saying it is quite possible for fourth-quarter growth to exceed the 4.3% registered in the third quarter, adding full-year growth of 4% is obtainable if exports continue to rise at a double-digit pace. Source: Business

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Hotel growth expected despite snags

Hotel business is expected to grow by 5-7% this year despite being sluggish in several regions in October, says Supawan Tanomkieatipum, president of the Thai Hotels Association (THA). Source: Business

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SEC stands by suspension of Chayant

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has clarified that its suspension order of Chayant Akrathit, executive director of Asia Wealth Securities, was made impartially following Mr Chayant’s petition to file a lawsuit against the SEC secretary-general for unlawful suspension. Source: Business

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SMEs continuing to use multiple financial accounts

Half of the 300,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who signed up for the government’s single financial account scheme are at risk of facing backdated tax and money laundering probes as they persist in using more than one account to understate income tax bills. Source: Business

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Asian investor holdings sky-high on SET

Total securities held by Asian investors reached an all-time high in May with a value of 1.68 trillion baht, driven mainly by a significant increase in securities prices after rallies in the stock market, says the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Source: Business

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E-business tax to be levied in 2018

An e-business tax, a levy on any online transaction that takes place in Thailand regardless of the e-commerce operator’s location, is expected to come into force next year, says the Revenue Department’s chief. Source: Business

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